Steps for assembling your

Light-Dome® Canopy

Place the parts for ONLY the canopy frame in the center of where your canopy will stand.  Lay a top upright in each corner making sure you put the two with an "L" stamped into the black corner piece at what will be the left FRONT corner and the RIGHT back corner of your booth.  This will put them diagonal from each other.  Now place the two with a "R" stamped into the black corner piece at the two remaining corners.
Telescope out ONE horizontal side pole.  Place this horizontal pole in a top upright, making sure the button pops out from the hole.  Place another horizontal pole <do not pre-telescope this pole> into the same top upright, making sure the button pops out from the hole.  With the bottom of the upright and the free end of the telescoped out horizontal pole both resting on the ground, telescope out the horizontal pole you just put into the top upright.
Lift the top upright with the horizontal poles attached and place in first corner.  You now have 1/2 of your frame assembled.  Continue to assemble the remaining top uprights and horizontal poles until you have a 10'x10' square.  Assemble the X-member by forming a "X" and tightening the nut and bolt in the center.
Assemble the X-member by forming a "X" and tightening the nut and bolt in the center.
Insert three curved rafter members into each corner upright and into the x-member.  Now insert the fourth ridge member in the x-member.  Place your foot at the bottom of the bottom upright, bring the leg towards center of frame and insert this fourth rafter member.
Attach the side curtains with the, "Made in USA" labels on the inside. The straps with snaps on both ends (at the top) of each curtain goes around the black corner piece of the top uprights. You will find three holes in the cast corner piece of each upright. These can be used for anchoring..
The straps with black v-hook (at the bottom) of each curtain is placed in the hole at the bottom of the legs to prevent the curtains from blowing when they are NOT zipped together. Do not use these hooks when the curtains are zipped together.
Unfold your canopy top and with the Light-Dome® label on the outside, throw as much of the material over the frame as possible. You'll find it easier to go under the frame and distribute the material to each corner. Pull down the corners using both hands. The top will be tight. Place the black v-hooks on each corner strap into the hole on the top uprights (just beneath the black corner cast pieces) then pull (gently) on end of each strap to tighten. DO NOT USE THESE STRAPS TO PULL YOUR TOP ONTO YOUR FRAME
If you DO NOT have any accessories for your canopy, you are now ready to telescope the canopy up.  Start at one corner and pick the upright up.  Hold the upright in one hand and use your other hand to lower the bottom upright out of the top, keeping the hole in the foot pointing outward, until the button is at the holes.  Repeat this for the three remaining legs.  If you have additional accessories, refer to their specific instructions BEFORE raising your canopy up.