Two-One Zippered Rain Trough

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Two-One Zip1_2-1trough01_small
Zip trough to awning zipper of one canopy. One end is lower than the other for rain run off.
Two-One Zip2_2-1trough02_small
After raising both of the canopies up, zip trough to other canopy from underneath.
Two-One Zip3_2-1trough03_small
This is what it looks like once the trough is zipped to both canopies.




Two-One Zip4_2-1insert02_small
Zip curtain insert to the zipper of one canopy side.
  Two-One Zip5_2-1insert03_small
Zip curtain insert to zipper on the other canopy.




 Two-One Zip6_trough_small Two-One Zip7_2-1complete01_small Two-One Zip8_2-1complete02_small

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Also Available:

Two-One Velcro Rain Trough

To use when canopy top does NOT have any awning zippers